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Re: Stegosaur volume of Swiss Journal of Geosciences

> Speaking of _Wuerhosaurus_... there is no mention of the type material of _W. 
> ordosensis_ in the volume.  This is the specimen that reportedly has only 11 
> dorsals, according to the original description (Dong, 1983).  Maidment et al. 
> (2008) dismissed _W. ordosensis_ as a nomen dubium; but 11 dorsals 
> constitutes a very short trunk, and implies a very long neck if the extra 
> dorsals were cervicalized.  Something to mention here while the stegosaurs 
> are enjoying their time in the spotlight.
> Tim

This is indeed quite interesting, because neck length is, aside from
the obvious implications for feeding volume, an important factor for
defense behaviour. All stegosaur necks are long enough to "check six"
(look backwards) by lateral flexion, but this means a large dead space
on the other side of the body. if there is only one predator, fine. If
there are two or more...... och! A very long neck, however, allows
checking six by extension, reducing the dead space to what's hidden
behind the osteoderms.