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A Trip to Dinosaur Time in China - Deep Drilling in the Songliao Basin

Qiu, J., 2010, Geology: A trip to dinosaur time. Nature. 
vol. 467, pp. 150-151.

âA project to drill a 10-kilometre-deep hole in China 
will provide the best view yet of the turbulent 
Cretaceous period. Jane Qiu reports.â

âThe team analysed oxygen and carbon isotopes in 
fossil crustacean shells as a proxy for ancient 
temperature and carbon dioxide levels, finding that 
atmospheric CO2 levels doubled and then halved 
over 3 million years in the Late Cretaceous.â

The article also mentions that Cretaceous temperatures
plunged by 7 degrees C over a 10 million year period 
and of Cretaceous âsupergreenhousesâ and there is
a terrestrial record of the K/Pg extinction in these 
lakes sediments.

Terrestrial Scientific Drilling Project of the Cretaceous 
Songliao Basin, ICDP web sites.

Terrestrial Scientific Drilling Project of the Cretaceous 
Songliao Basin, Cretaceous World

Wang, C., and Y. Huang, 2009, Unlocking a Cretaceous 
geologic and geophysical puzzle. Scientific drilling of
Songliao Basin in northeast China. Leading Edge. vol. 28,
no. 3, pp. 340-344.

There are papers about the Cretaceous strata cored in the 
Songliao Basin in volume 16, no. 2, of âEarth Science Frontiersâ