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Nannodromeus (name correction)

From: Ben Creisler

My email about new archosaurs from the Lettenkeuper in 
Germany contained a misspelled name (misspelled in the 
original news article in German): Nannodromes appears to 
be Nannodromeus, which makes more sense as a name. I 
don't have an official ref yet, but I found a posting at:


Somewhat clearer is the systematic position of the third 
inhabitant. It appears to lie near the 
Crurotarsi/Ornithidira split and bears the wonderful name 
of Nannodromeus kugleri. Known from around 14 specimens, 
the animal was only about 15 cm long, making it one of 
the smallest inhabitants of the Lettenkeuper marshes.

Etwas klarer ist die systematische Stellung des dritten 
Bewohners. Er scheint nahe dem Crurotarsi / Ornithodira 
Split zu stehen und hat den wunderbaren Namen 
Nannodromeus kugleri erhalten. Das durch etwa 14 
Exemplare bekannte Tier ist gerade einmal 15cm lang und 
damit einer der kleinsten Bewohner der Lettenkeuper