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Re: Frosty Times for Dinosaurs: Major Fall in Temperature 137 Million Years Ago

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From: K Kripchak <saurierlagen1978@gmail.com>

> The article on the Cretaceous
> event is using samples only from
> Svalbard.  So it is unknown whether
> or not the cooling was regional or
> global.

A very good point, and a point that, I assume, nearly all of the paleo-eco 
community will be tripping over themselves to point out to Price et al.

>From time to time, even paleoecologists can get into the trap of lumping. 
>Nonetheless, this is a very important paper, albeit, conservatively-speaking, 
>about a single chronogeographic data point.

Now if we had just a few hundred more of the same thing, perhaps we could start 
to do some SARious arm-flapping about Cretaceous climate flux.


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