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Re: Stegosaur volume of Swiss Journal of Geosciences

 > I'd rather have rule-based taxonomy than judgement calls and
 "experience" any day. Didn't we have enough subjective,
 authority-based taxonomy in the past?

Let me just underscore this.

On another note, for people who really want to have a single word for "type species", can't you say "generotype"? I know "genotype" has a long tradition (going back to the early 20th or late 19th century at least), but I... hate it. First, the stem of the word _genus_ isn't _geno-_, it's _gener-_*. That's why the plural is _genera_ and not _geni_. Second, there already is a word "genotype" in biology, the opposite of "phenotype"; on occasion it's a bit confusing to read a text that uses "genotype" for "type species". -- And third, I've never encountered "speciotype", "subfamiliotype" or "familiotype"...

* Or, rather, _genus-_ is the stem; but in very early times, [s] between vowels turned into [z] and then into [r] in Latin, and unstressed vowels tended to get reduced, so in Classical Latin we find (singular/plural) ius/iura, mus/mures, lepus/lepores, genus/genera.