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Cathayornis paper in Geological Bulletin of China

From: Ben Creisler

Just came across this ref (sorry--don't have pdf). In 
case it has not been mentioned here:

ZHANG Yu-guang, ZHANG Li-fu, LI Jian-jun, LI Zhi-heng, 
2010. New discovery and flying skills of Cathayornis from 
the Lower Cretaceous strata of the Otog Qi in Inner 
Mongolia, China. Geological Bulletin of China.  2010 7: 
This paper describes a new fossil named Cathayornis 
chabuensis discovered in 2008,from Chabu,Otog Qi in Inner 
Mongolia, which also represents the second Cathayornis 
found in this area. The specimen preserves a complete 
sternum and furcula with some other clear skeleton 
impressions. A comparison of the new material with 
Eocathayornis walkeri, C.yandica and C.chabuensis shows 
that except the similarity between C. yandica and C. 
chabuensis,the later one displays some more advanced 
characteristics than E.walkeri and C. yandica. 
Besides,the functional morphological analysis related to 
flying skills supports that C. chabuensis is not only 
capable of flapping flight as C.yandica in the Early 
Cretaceous,but also possesses an advanced flying system 
indicating a stronger flying capability.