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AW: Striking a blow against the predatory guilds

> "Here then is where the matter stands thus far. It would be
> good to prevent the the vast suffering and countless violent
> deaths caused by predation. There is therefore one reason to
> think that it would be instrumentally good if predatory
> animal species were to become extinct and replaced by new
> herbivorous species, provided that this could occur without
> ecological upheaval involving more harm than would be
> prevented by the end of predation. The claim that existing
> animal species are sacred or irreplaceable is subverted by
> the moral irrelevance of the criteria for individuating
> animal species. I am therefore inclined to embrace the
> heretical conclusion that we have reason to desire the
> extinction of all carnivorous species, and I await the usual
> fate of heretics when this article is open to comment."

How about starting with that pesky scavenger-turned-hyperpredator, _Nudipan 
narrans_ (or would that be "Nudo-"?), often known by another name which was, 
however, apparently never typified.

Get rid of these obnoxious critters, one at a time, and when we're though with 
that I'd guess there won't be any more such complaints.