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Re: Striking a blow against the predatory guilds

But....but.....I *LIKE* my steak rare!!! and I LOVE burgers and chicken and lamb and pork!!! I DON'T WANNA BE EXTINCT!!!

:D <VEG not to be confuzzled with veg(gies)>

Louise in her sillier mode

On 9/20/2010 8:27 AM, Dan Chure wrote:
> Doctor of Philosophy Jeff McMahan, of Rutger's University has penned
> what has to be one of the most absurd opinion pieces ever published in
> the New York Times. In this on-line commentary, entitled The Meat
> Eaters, Dr. McMahan argues that there is a case to be made for guiding
> all carnivorous species to extinction and replacing them with
> herbivorous ones. While a bit long, the last paragraph serves as a
> useful summary of his "thoughts":
> "Here then is where the matter stands thus far. It would be good to
> prevent the the vast suffering and countless violent deaths caused by
> predation. There is therefore one reason to think that it would be
> instrumentally good if predatory animal species were to become extinct
> and replaced by new herbivorous species, provided that this could occur
> without ecological upheaval involving more harm than would be prevented
> by the end of predation. The claim that existing animal species are
> sacred or irreplaceable is subverted by the moral irrelevance of the
> criteria for individuating animal species. I am therefore inclined to
> embrace the heretical conclusion that we have reason to desire the
> extinction of all carnivorous species, and I await the usual fate of
> heretics when this article is open to comment."
> The full fairy tale can be read at
> <http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/19/the-meat-eaters/?hp> It
> does not appear to be a very clever piece of satire.
> And what about the children? Presumably we should also get rid of
> exhibits of fossil carnivores, ranging from Smilodon to Tyrannosaurus,
> because such exhibits merely exalt the carnivorous lifestyle and are
> among the most popular of museum exhibits. What if the kids see them?
> Dan