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Re: Striking a blow against the predatory guilds

Dan wrote:
> And what about the children? Presumably we should also get rid of exhibits
> of fossil carnivores, ranging from Smilodon to Tyrannosaurus, because such
> exhibits merely exalt the  carnivorous lifestyle and are among the most
> popular of museum exhibits. What if the kids see them?

I think there's a simpler solution.  My mother in-law works at a
public library, and apparently the installation of internet portals
(preferably with the "safe search" options turned off) is more than
sufficient to hide the entire collection of books from the kids.
Installing similar devices in museums near the displays of fossil
carnivores will probably ensure that they are never seen, and will be
more cost effective and less disruptive than destroying all those


Scott Hartman
Scientific Advisor/Technical Illustrator
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