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Re: Striking a blow against the predatory guilds

Yes, that guy knows little of ecology and the consequences of altering
food webs, as show in his consideration "provided that this could
occur without ecological upheaval involving more harm than would be
prevented by the end of predation". I agree with John Conway on the
consideration of morality, although it leads us to the problem of
moral relativism because different groups of people may conceivably
arrive to different social contracts. In the philosopher's idea, at
least omnivores would also have to perish, and those horned herbivores
which kill other animals. Also, large animals which step upon other
animals as they walk or eat these poor insects on the leaves. At the
end, we may end up killing most animals, and perhaps many plants which
depend on them for reproduction. On the end, we may end up killing all
life to avoid its suffering. Now, following his line of reasoning,
let's sterilize ourselves, to avoid all the suffering our descent will
face, and all that they will inflict, when they get into fights,
physical or verbal, with other fellow humans, and even the suffering
of dying and aging. Lastly, if he is not vegan...