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Xixiposaurus, new Lower Jurassic prosauropod from China (free pdf)

From:  Ben Creisler

Apparently this new Chinese prosauropod has not been 
mentioned here yet although the paper came out in March.  
I?m not quite sure what is going on with the name (or 
names) of the author (or authors).  The Chinese version 
gives the author as Guan Gutou-?Sekiya Toru sounds 
Japanese but is listed with the English abstract. I may 
have to do a bit more research to understand the author 
issue.  However, I think the article is worth post 

The pdf includes an extensive English summary and can be 
downloaded at:

GUAN Gu-Tou (SEKIYA Toru), 2010. A new prosauropod 
dinosaur from Lower Jurassic in Lufeng of Yunnan.
Global Geology 2010 29(1): 6-15.

Abstract: A new prosauropod dinosaur Xixiposaurus suni 
gen . et sp. nov . from the lower Lufeng Formation of 
Lower Jurassic in Lufeng of Yunnan, China is reported. 
The diagnostic characters are as follows: steep slant of 
the skull roof in lateral view; the maximum height of the 
mandible larger than twice ofminimum height of the 
dentary; the 4th cervical centrum being longest in 
cervicals ; minimum width of the pubic apron wider than 
width of the pubic peduncle; the fourth trochanter having 
a V-shape notch in lateral view. The phylogenetic 
analysis shows that it is one of the most derived forms 
among Chinese prosauropods.