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Re: Xixiposaurus, new Lower Jurassic prosauropod from China (free pdf)

 > Iïm not quite sure what is going on with the name (or names) of the
 author (or authors). The Chinese version gives the author as Guan
 Gutou-ïSekiya Toru sounds Japanese but is listed with the English

Could be the same thing. All Japanese names can be written in kanji (usually four of them, but sometimes only three, like most Chinese names); they're pronounced as the native Japanese words which have the meanings the characters represent, and this means the numbers of syllables don't line up with the numbers of characters (they always do in Chinese) -- there are kanji that are pronounced as three syllables.

However, I don't speak (let alone read) Japanese, and my Chinese is way too elementary that I could even tell how "Guan Gutou" might be written in characters ( = hÃnzà = kanji), so this is just a guess.

In any case, there is a Japanese paleontologist called Sekiya Toru, where Sekiya is the surname. IIRC, he has published in Vertebrata PalAsiatica before, but I'm not sure.