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New Confuciusornis species (C. jianchangensis)

From: Ben Creisler

I can't find a free pdf for this one yet. Anyway, I think 
it is of interest (note: author names are in first-last 

Li Li,  Jing-Qi Wang,  Shi-Lin Hou, 2010. A new species 
of Confuciusornis from Lower Cretaceous of Jianchang, 
Liaoning, China. Global Geology 2010 92(2): 183-187.

A new species of the Confuciusornis (Confuciusornis 
jianchangensis sp. nov.) is described based on a specimen 
discovered from the Lower Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation 
in Toudaoyingzi of Jianchang, Liaoning Province, China. 
Although it is preserved with no forelimb and thoracic 
girdle, the new species can be distinguished from other 
known Confuciusornithid in many features, such as small 
sized, squamosal similar triangular, quadrate crassitude, 
anterior upper edge of dentary convex, tarsometatarsus 
fused proximally, metatarsals ?X not present, pygostyle 
wide and thick, etc. This discovery is the first time for 
Jianchang to find the taxa of Confuciusornis, and is 
significant for showing the diversity of