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Re: Platecarpus tympaniticus - how to analyze a nomen dubium

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 10:24 PM, Tim Williams <tijawi@yahoo.com> wrote:
> PhyloCode (which has yet to be implemented) states that if a clade name is 
> based on a genus name, that genus must be used as an internal specifier. ÂSo 
> again, not only must Ceratopsidae (and Ceratopsinae) include _Ceratops_, but 
> _Ceratops_ must be included in the definition(s).

Minor correction: the type *species* of that genus must be used as a
specifier. Or the type specimen of the type species. So any name based
on "Ceratops" (not just the ICZN names--"Ceratopsoidea",
"Ceratopsidae", "Ceratopsinae", "Ceratopsini", "Ceratopsina"--but
others like "Ceratopsia" and "Ceratopsomorpha") must include either
Ceratops montanus Marsh 1888 or USNM 2411 as an internal specifier.

T. Michael Keesey
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