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The Kosmoceratops-Utahceratops cladogram

As PLoS ONE's figure and pdf server are currently down, for those who just
can't wait for the phylogenetic punchline, here it is:

   |  |--Chasmosaurus belli
   |  `--Chasmosaurus russelli
   `--+--Mojoceratops perifania
      `--+--Agujaceratops mariscalensis
         `--+--+--Pentaceratops sternbergii
            |  `--Utahceratops gettyi
            `--+--Coahuilaceratops magnacuerna
               `--+--+--Kosmoceratops richardsoni
                  |  `--Vagaceratops irvinensis
                  `--+--Anchiceratops orantus
                     `--+--Arrhinoceratops brachyops
                        `--+--Eotriceratops xerinsularis
                           |--Ojoceratops fowleri
                           `--+--+--Torosaurus latus
                              |  `--Torosaurus utahensis
                              `--+--Nedoceratops hatcheri
                                 `--+--Triceratops horridus
                                    `--Triceratops prorsus

Or, depending how lumpy you want it, the last 5 species can be "Triceratops

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