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Re: Platecarpus tympaniticus - how to analyze a nomen dubium

On 23 September 2010 13:28, Harris, Jerald <jharris@dixie.edu> wrote:
>>It's worse than you think.  So far as the PhyloCode is concerned
> authorship of the rank-based taxon and the homonymous clade are
> completely separate, so whatever definition I used of Ceratopsia when
> defining it as a PhyloCode-govered clade, it would be Ceratopsia
> Taylor 201X.  The code suggests an authority-mentioning scheme that is
> something like Ceratopsia Taylor 201X [Marsh 1890], which goes some
> way to towards addressing this.
>     This, more than anything, is what keeps me from supporting PhyloCode at 
> all.  Because of this, any other positive benefits it may provide are 
> subordinated to egos -- there will be this massive, pointless rush for people 
> to get their names as the ones listed after any particular clade name. 
>  Sorry, but that's bullshit.  There are plenty of well-established names 
> already; the LEAST PhyloCode could do would be to give workers of the past 
> their due credit rather than turn nomenclature into a contest to see who can 
> get the most clade name notches on their belts.  I honestly cannot believe 
> that people that call themselves "scientists" let this kind of unscientific 
> crap through.  At the very least, the original author should get star billing 
> and any emender gets the parenthetical annotation, not the reverse.

Ah, Jerry, this is why you should always read to the end of the thread
before throwing your hands up in despair at Tayloriffic doofosity :-)
As Mike Keesey has pointed out, I had this exactly the wrong way
around -- it's Ceratopsia Marsh 1890 [Taylor 201X], not the other way
around.  And I also like what he proposed for Diplodocoidea Marsh 1893
[Wilson and Sereno 1998 and Taylor 201X], even if that's not actually
in the code.

In other news, I am not so sure you need to be as pessimistic as this.
 I don't see any signs of a forthcoming land-rush when the code is
implemented: on the contrary, I see a lot of people anxious to make
sure that those who have paved the way get proper credit.