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New dinosaur footprint from the Czech Rep.

Hello to all listmembers.

Yesterday, czech media announced an accidental new find of dinosaurian 
footprint in Prague's Botanical garden. The founder of the footprint is 
geologist Radek Mikuláš, who discovered it a few months ago by a pure chance. 
The footprint is embedded in a sandstone slab, which was quarried from the "U 
devíti křížů" quarry near the town of Červený Kostelec (north-eastern Bohemia). 
One smaller tridactyle footprint, belonging to a small theropod, was described 
from this locality back in 1998. Sandstone from this locality was dated as 
middle-upper Triassic in age, probably some 210-200 m. y. old. The new 
footprint is 20,5 cm long, 20 cm wide and according to preliminary research by 
paleontologists Martin Košťák and Martin Mazuch could belong to an animal about 
252 cm long and 88 cm tall at the hips, weighing less than 20 kilograms. Much 
more will be known at the end of this month. Best, Vlad

Some photos and video: