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Re: Coming events

Dinosaurs in Art: A Panel Discussion
Saturday, April 16,  1-3pm

Join us for a panel featuring PRI's Dr. Warren Allmon, Chris  Wildrick, a 
conceptual and performance artist who teaches at Syracuse  University, and 
Gregory Paul, the author of The Princeton Field Guide to  Dinosaurs. The 
participants will discuss their research on dinosaurs in art. The  panel will 
moderated by PRI's Dr. Richard Kissel who is both a paleontologist  and a 
dino cartoonist. Also, there will be a book signing with Greg Paul and  
Richard Kissel after the event.

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<It is, of course, not  for mere list members to dare to ask such 
questions (i. e., all  I know is what their website says, so we'll find out 
when we show up and see  what happens -- makes it all the more exciting 
doesn't it?). >