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Re: Troodon and other problems (was Andrew McDonald response re: European iguanodonts)

Gregory S. Paul  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:

> A problem with using the type of D. carnegie as a neotype for Diplodocus is
> that it is from much higher in the Morrison than the type of D. longus, and
> the latter may be a very different kind of beast -- what we think of as
> Diplodocus may not be present in the lower Morrison.

It's been done before.  Look at _Iguanodon_ : _bernissartensis_
supplanting _anglicus_ as the type species.   As with _Iguanodon_,
what we think of as _Diplodocus_ is an important consideration in the
choice of a neotype, if the original type species is of questionable

> Dropping poorly defined Apatosaurus in favor of Brontosaurus which is
> founded on the pretty complete Yale skeleton has long been a good idea.

As Mike said, _Apatosaurus ajax_ should *only* be dropped if the type
specimen is found to be non-diagnostic at the species level.  We are a
long way from this.  The comeback of  _Brontosaurus_ may never happen.
 Sad, but true...