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Re: Dinosaurs vs. mammals: a hypothetical scenario

Perhaps large mammals would be very challenged by the larger
dinosaurs, with faster reproductive and growth rates. In addition to
competition with herbivorous dinosaurs, they would suffer predation
they were not adapted to deal from large theropods.

> (quadrupeds > bipeds in speed at a given size, usually, especially
> when we're talking cursorial vs non-cursorial).

As far as I know, most dinosaur bipeds had cursorial proportions for
their size. I do not know if we can say that the cursorial quadrupeds
are faster than cursorial bipeds. Although the fastest cursorial
quadruped (cheetah) is faster than the fastest cursorial biped
(ostrich), it seems that the ostrich is faster than many other
cursorial mammalian quadrupeds near its size range (60-130 kg.). Some
statistic should be needed regarding the mean of each group, because
it seems to me there are fewer cursorial bipeds (most birds fly
instead of running) than cursorial quadrupeds. Perhaps ornithomimid
dinosaurs with a proportionally longer limb (because of the longer
femur) may have been even faster than ostriches.