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The Boneyard

Hi all,

Just a quick note to spread word about the Boneyard Blog Carnival,
which gathers writing about paleontology from all around the
blogosphere. The April edition went up this week at the general
science blog Sorting Out Science
Posts this time around range from ichnology to taxonomy to new taxa to
artwork to Creationism, so there's likely something to appeal to just
about anyone who joneses for paleo. It is posted on the first Tuesday
of each month, ideally hosted by a different blogger each time. One
thing I'd like to stress is that it is not intended to only cover

As the current caretaker of the Boneyard (which was begun by Brian
Switek a few years ago), I'm always looking for hosts among bloggers
who write about paleontology or related disciplines. Please email me
off-list if this interests you. If you're not sure about the concept
of a blog carnival, it is a great way for blog communities to network,
share ideas, and bring light to newer or less known bloggers, all with
the goal of improving science communication in the blogosphere. A post
by science blogger extraordinaire Bora Zivkovic does a wonderful job
of explaining the value of blog carnivals

The Boneyard's headquarters is at
theboneyardblogcarnival.blogspot.com, where I post calls for
submissions, notice of new editions going live, calls for hosts, and
other updates. Submissions can be sent to
boneyardblogcarnival@gmail.com, accepted any time for the next

Thank you,

David Orr

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs, Your Daily Dose of Mesozoic Megafauna

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