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RE: Icelandic dinosaur names

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> Anyone ever hear of this phenomenon in Iceland?
> "One of the most fun things about the Icelandic language is 
> that unlike every other language to my knowledge, they have 
> their own dinosaur names rather than using the same Greek and 
> Latin that we?re used to. There are a whole bunch named after 
> gods and goddesses (Apatosaurus/Þórseðla, 
> Maiasaura/Freyjueðla) but my absolute favorite is the one in 
> the picture. Its scientific name is ?Irritator,? and so the 
> Icelanders dubbed it Lokaeðla (?Lokisaurus?)."
> source: 
> http://kvaaninkieli.tumblr.com/post/4556882133/one-of-the-most
> Thought it was interesting, and wonder if any other languages 
> have local names for dinosaurs or other extinct animals.

I found this on the Icelandic wikipedia page:
Which lists the Icelandic equivalents to dinosaur names.

Clicking on the one for Tyrannosaurus 
(http://is.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grame%C3%B0la) reveals the Icelandic equivalents 
for some
suprageneric names as well:
Seildýr (Chordata)
Skriðdýr (Sauropsida)
Risaeðlur (Dinosauria)

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