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Re: dino-lice

2011/4/16 Tim Williams <tijawi@gmail.com>:
> Alvarezsaurs might fit fit the bill - using
> their stubby claws to prise out juicy parasites from the hide of a
> reclining sauropod or tyrannosaur, with the parasite then gobbled up
> by the alvarezsaur's weak jaws.  All speculation, of course...
Nice speculation! What about the alvarezsaur using its forelimbs to
clasp the large dinosaur, being carried by it while moving, and
picking parasites around the fixed body? (we may also see the long
hindlimbs as providing flea-like jumping, but looks like trying too
hard a comparison with parasites). The retroverted pubes would help
getting the center of gravity closer to the "host"'s hide, as in
Chatterjee's arguments on proavians. Forelimb clasping may also help
if only to get a free travel on a larger dinosaur, or avoiding the
territory of some predator by passing above them (or being associated
with a large powerful "host").