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Re: dino-lice

2011/4/18 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>>  A problem I have with this hypothesis is that the extreme shortening
>>  and monodactyly separates these members from the condition in
>>  currently known large mammalian anteaters.
> These mammals are all quadrupeds. Their forelimbs are compromises between
> the hook-and-pull function and the locomotory function. Alvarezsaurids had
> no need to compromise, and it shows!
Right, forgot that. But, would not you say they have relatively short
forelimbs even as coelurosaurs? I mean, compared with what may be the
basal coelurosaur condition, if inferred from ornithomimosaurs,
oviraptorosaurs, paravians, and therizinosaurids. As far as I
remember, even Haplocheirus has longer arms.