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Re: dino-lice

Tim Williams wrote:

>  I don't think any maniraptoran was especially gifted when it came to
> grasping and manipulating small prey with the hands.  Not so much
> because of the forelimb feathers, but because the long, inflexible
> fingers were useless for this purpose.
> Cheers
> Tim

Senter (2006) found that the second finger in Dromaeosaurs was so flexible
that Deinonychus could stab itself in the palm with its claw (Fig. 3 C).
The first ungual could flex at 88 degrees to the phalanx! Gishlick (2001)
found about the same thing.

Thus, the literature shows extremely developed grasping ability in

This feature is actually what the group was named after.

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