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March Of The Dinosaurs

Finally got around to watching this last night.  I have some questions for
the experts.

Were Troodon arms really that small?

How many Troodon nests were found in close proximity at egg mountain?  More
than 2?

Was western north America really an oasis or arctic and temporal greenery
and 1000 miles of barren volcanic desolation in between?

Did the Arctic trees lose all the leaves in winter?

Did mosasaurs swim up rivers?

Could Albertosaurus sustain itself just feeding on the twice yearly passing

The Edmontosaurus juveniles migrated but it appeared the Pachyrhinosaurus
juveniles didn't.  Is this correct?

That will do for now.  I see Tom was one of the technical consultants.  I
also noticed it was produced by Jasper James.  Not his best work.