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Re: Kelmayisaurus a carcharodontosaurid

 Lianmugin Formation


Lianmuqin. With Q, which is pronounced similar to English _ch_.

The syllable _gin_ doesn't even exist in Standard Mandarin; _g_ never occurs in front of _i_.

When will people learn?

(The genus name is strange enough, but of course that's not the fault of Brusatte et al.. It's from an Uyghur place name Qaramay, which gets represented in Mandarin as Kelamayi. I guess "Kelmayi" is a typo for the latter, because Mandarin does not allow consonants other than _n_ and _ng_ to occur at the ends of syllables. BTW, _q_ represents a very different sound in Uyghur than it does in Mandarin.)