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Re: Kelmayisaurus a carcharodontosaurid

 this is not a "corrected proof" but an "accepted manuscript" and that
 there is PLENTY of time to fix things.

...Oh! That's great! :-)

 It doesn't help that most public resources use "Lianmugin" over
 "Lianmuqin" as their spelling of choice, including the Wiki article
 on it (you are welcome to log in and correct this), even thouugh the
 latter spelling (without diacritics, another failing in this
 transcription) is more prevalent by about 140 hits on Google (out of
 800). But further it doesn't help that previous papers have used
 "Lianmugin" over the other spelling, including previous works by
 Benson, Brusatte, and Rauhut!

That's why I wrote "when will people learn". Thanks for alerting me to the Wikipedia article, I hope I'll get to it on the weekend.