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Re: Alvarezsaur spurs (was Re: dino-lice)

Given that science seems to mostly advance by rejecting hypotheses
(according to Popper and his followers at least), perhaps better than
saying what alvarezsaurids did is to say what, given evidence, was
physically possible for they to do (not trying to lecture anyone! -
except perhaps myself). Then we would act by discarding possibilities,
and we can find a set of possible behaviours which may well have been
accomplished by the animal (even if not all were actually accomplished
because of behavioural or phylogenetic constraints). It seems we can
discard at least alvarezsaurids did not fly, brachiated like
hylobatids or crawled like snakes. :-)  We may then prefer, given
physical possibility, the more parsimonious inference given the
behavioural repertoire of extant bracketing forms.