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Re: Laura Cunningham paleoart website

WilburWateley@gmail.com wrote:

> I haven't seen this posted to the DML but Laura Cunningham, the
> maestro of  paleomammal art, has opened a website.
> http://www.a-state-of-change.com/index.html
> The website largely centers around her 2010 book, A State of Change: 
> Forgotten Landscapes of California, but also presents some of her best
> paleoart renditions; her painting of Arctodus simus attacking Bison 
> Antiquus shows her to be the equal of Matternes, Hallett and Anton for
> masterfully rendering prehistoric mammals.

I believe this painting was on display at the paleo-art show when SVP
had their annual meeting in Denver (was it in 2000?). Her work is just