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Apologies was Re: Kelmayisaurus a carcharodontosaurid

 David, for the record, you replied to what looks to be a private
 message sent to you and me by Steve, rather than to the DML.

Argh. <headdesk> You're right, Steve sent his message only to the two of us, not to the list. I didn't notice. Apologies are all I can offer.

To make these apologies public and to end potential confusion, I hereby reply to your private message in public, Jaime. Thank you for notifying me.

 your reply style (you never attribute who is saying what in your

It's very simple to explain why I do that: as long I distinguish "me" and "not me", who said what doesn't or at least shouldn't matter for what my reply is. (Unless, of course, I'm writing a paper or similar and need to properly cite everything.) I reply to ideas, not to people. I'm after all fully capable of agreeing and disagreeing with the same person over different things at the same time. I hope this deliberate carelessness contributes to minimizing the frequency of (explicit or implicit) arguments from authority and ad hominem.