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Re: Apologies was Re: Kelmayisaurus a carcharodontosaurid

David wrote:
>>  your reply style (you never attribute who is saying what in your
>>  messages)
> It's very simple to explain why I do that: as long I distinguish "me" and
> "not me", who said what doesn't or at least shouldn't matter for what my
> reply is. (Unless, of course, I'm writing a paper or similar and need to
> properly cite everything.) I reply to ideas, not to people.

Actually, I agree that your approach is unhelpful.  Ideas don't stand
alone; they belong to people and so are associated with complexes of
related ideas.  If Paul Upchurch advocates habitual bipadlity in
Diplodocus, my response to that is, for good reason, going to be
different from if that idea is advanced by, say, Stephan Pickering.