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Re: Foraminacephale gen. nov.

You are probably talking about *Hypselorhachis mirabilis*, which has been published by Butler and colleagues in 2009.

Le 01/08/2011 11:19, David Marjanovic a écrit :
> An even worse case are the names erected in Alan Charig's thesis,
> *Mandasuchus*, *Teleocrater* and *Nyasasaurus*. Charig stayed in
> palaeontology, but never published the names, and then he died!
> Only now is his material being formally described and published
> under the names he gave it.

 These particular names are not yet official, am I right?

*Mandasuchus* now is (JVP a year and a half ago, I think), I forgot about *Teleocrater*, and "*Nyasasaurus*" is not yet, IIRC.

 It'll be interesting to know what the "prosauropod" Nyasasaurus turns
 out to be.

Oh yes.