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Re: Foraminacephale gen. nov.

David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

> *Mandasuchus* now is (JVP a year and a half ago, I think), I forgot about
> *Teleocrater*, and "*Nyasasaurus*" is not yet, IIRC.

As recently as this year "Mandasuchus" was still listed as unpublished
(e.g., Nesbitt, 2011), although it was re-described in a 2005 PhD
dissertation.  The name "Mandasuchus" was actually erected in 1956 in
Charig's PhD dissertation, back in the days when when
Tanganyika/Tanzania was a British territory.  "Mandasuchus" is still
not an official name.  If and when it becomes a real genus, then the
matter of the species name can be sorted out too - according to Butler
et al. (2009) there are conflicting versions (tanyauchen vs