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Microraptor Elbows

Hi All,

I've put up a new post about dromaeosaur elbows, especially in
Microraptor. I discuss places where my model leads me to agree with
Sullivan et al. (2009), and a place - the importance of elbow flexion -
where it has led me to disagree.

Indeed it was Dave Hone's fascinating blog posts on his paper, Sullivan et
al (2009), that led me to investigate the subject in the first place. His
contributions stimulated my interest, hopefully I can repay the favor on a
smaller scale.

The post also discusses a factor that, to my knowledge, is strangely and
completely lacking in dromaeosaur range of motion studies - rotation of
the humerus around its own long axis, with resulting pronation.

Please feel free to offer any feedback, all is welcome.


Jason Brougham
Senior Principal Preparator
Department of Exhibition
American Museum of Natural History
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