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Re: Greg Paul is right (again); or "Archie's not a birdy"... but Jeholornis is

Thanks for the paper David!

I say: wow. _Jeholornis_? Just: wow. They couldn't get it out of Avialae with 
the taxon set they used, no matter how? 

Now this is starting to look *really* interesting... bearing in mind that it is 
(with Archie removed from Avialae) at least 10-20 Ma past the origin of any 
"pygostylian" lineage. Probably somewhat more, but not outlandishly more 
(perhaps closer to 50 Ma than to 10, but unlikely to be closer to 100 than to 

Provided its position here is correct.

In any case http://www.springerlink.com/content/wln3pa4ttec4h6td/ is probably 
well worth a re-read now.

I have the PDF in case anyone needs it.

And someone who has the data lying around might really want to throw 
_Dalianraptor/Jixiangornis/Yandangornis/Zhongjianornis_, and perhaps 
_Zhongornis_ into that matrix and run it. I suspect if this is done, something 
strange, brilliant or both will happen.