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Re: Brrr, bone chilling paleopolar summers(Polar dinosaur growth and other new papers)

As far as I read from Bakker's articles, it was interesting that large
non-dinosaurian reptiles were not common in these cold climates.
Smaller reptiles can better deal with higher latitudes given that it
is easier to warm up a 30 centimeters lizard or a 1 kg. snake (do not
have actual sizes of non-dinosaurian reptiles near the poles) than a
crocodile. Bakker wrote mosasaurs were also present at high latitudes,
but given that isotopes show they had a high body temperature, their
metabolic or activity regime would have much differed from that of
Recent squamates, turtles and crocodiles. As long as Jaime Headden is
right in that most Formations are not exhausted, I think that the
positive evidence favours the point by Gregory Paul, and should thus
be the preferred hypothesis regarding the actually present pattern.