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Re: Ah ha! That's where therizinosaurs came from

In a message dated 8/15/11 12:59:23 PM, GSP1954@aol.com writes:

In a message dated 8/15/11 10:02:50 AM, jaseb@amnh.org writes:

<< Your neoflightless hypothesis can be tested. It should be tested. You or 
someone you enlist should do ancestral state analyses on the TWG and the 
new Xiaotingia cladograms. If you do it first, and the results support the 
neoflightless hypothesis, then you will get to claim precedent after all. >>

Jeez, what with all the stuff I am doing (working on iguanodont and 
brachiotaxonomy, trying to figure out the composition for a major painting, 
engaged in a WashPost/OnFaith debate over Christosocialism and Ayn Randian 
Socialism plus why O'Reilly and Coulter are lying abut religious violence, 
most importantly of all putting together my 1/350 scale Fuso [the weirdest 
battleship ever!]) and my lack of interest in cladistics, am more than 
to see others do the above work. After all I don't want to take ALL the 
credit:) Also, it is actually better to have others confirm the theory that 
came up with.