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Re: A large predatory archosaur from the Late Triassic of Poland

Nice new beast!!. Before reading the paper (and thus risking myself
into saying nonsense - yet I am accustomed by now! XD), I think the
new beast much more resembles a Postosuchus-like "rauisuchian" than a
basal dinosaur, in the much obliquely oriented plane of the ilium, the
large size of the pubic boot, the lateral prominence of the dorsal
border of the ilium above the supraacetabular crest, the distally more
prominent lateral condyle of the femur, the dorsoventrally thin
rostroventral extremity of the antorbital fenestra (resembling the
condition in Postosuchus), the distally expanding paroccipìtal
processes, the triangular, and proximally placed deltopectoral crest.
It would be interesting including Smok into the data matrix produced
by Nesbitt (2011) in order to resolve its phylogenetic position.