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Re: A large predatory archosaur from the Late Triassic of Poland

2011/8/16 Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>:
> Yeah, I agree with you.  That braincase doesn't look dinosaurian at all, and 
> there's even a postfrontal.  Rather odd to describe it without even trying to 
> include it in a matrix, as it would only take a day.  Maybe since it was 
> originally announced as a dinosaur and the skeletal reconstruction's based on 
> Herrerasaurus, they're trying to maintain its dinosauriness for as long as 
> possible.

Postfrontal... Frontal excluded from the orbit... congruent with it
being a Postosuchus relative. The rostrodorsally directed base of the
internarial process of the premaxilla also reminds me more of
Postosuchus than of dinosaurs.