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Re: Endothermy, UCP1 gene deletion, and the origin of birds

 My favorite term in genetics is "the mouse"



_My_ favorite term is "the fly". That's always *Sophophora melanogaster*, not even any other of the 1400-odd former *Drosophila* species.

No, actually, it gets yet better, when *S. melanogaster* is treated as completely representative of "invertebrates"...

Wait! Better still! "Higher eukaryotes". That's all eukaryotes except yeast. *Saccharomyces* and *Schizosaccharomyces*, just as a reminder, are secondarily unicellular ascomycetes, more closely related to chanterelles than to bean rust.

And there's the Nature paper on the ancestral vertebrate karyotype which reconstructs the ancestral _osteichthyan_ karyotype... and says "tetrapod" when it means "sarcopterygian" (not "tetrapodomorph"; "sarcopterygian"!)...