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Do we have dromaeosaurid evolution backward?

In the spirit of my past posts on ceratosaurian ornithomimosaurs and an 
ornithischian-theropod group, I just uploaded a blog entry which entertains 
another heterodox phylogeny.  This time it's something relevent to recent 
Xiaotingia and neoflightless conversations on the list.  What if the Paulian 
idea of neoflightless dromaeosaurs is completely wrong?  Not only was the 
ancestral paravian flightless, what if the outwardly carnosaur-like 
Achillobator and Untahraptor represent the most basal dromaeosaurids, and 
indeed the entire coelurosaur stem were carnivores of coelurid-compsognathid 
grade?  Is there any evidence for such an idea?  Has a transitional form been 
known for over a century?  

Mickey Mortimer