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Some days ago, a "new dinosaur" was published in the Argentinian media 
and there are already some drawings around 
In the media publication you can see already the name: "Nototyrannus 
violantei". The name, of course will have to be changed since the unexpert 
amateurs at the museum didn't wanted to wait for the scientists information.
Furthermore, this
supossed "Nototyrannus" is actually an abelisauroid and the specimen was stolen 
to my team. 
It was found in jan 2007 by Akiko Shinya,
chief preparator of the FMNH and member of the joined fieldtrip of Dr.
Sebastian Apesteguia, Dr. Peter Makovicky (FMNH), Dr. Nathan Smith, Dr. Attila
Osi (Hungary, participating by a conveny between both countries), Dr. Juan
Canale and Alejandro Haluza (El Chocon Museum, Neuquen) and Dr. Pablo Gallina
(Maimónides University). 
We've found it and prepare the jacket but we break the
truck and were not able to finish the fieldtrip. Once we went away, the guys
from the General Roca Museum went to the field according it with the field
owner, the province authority and technics from the Museum of Sao Pulo (Brazil)
and stolen the jacket. 
A very easy way to find a dinosaur, isn't it?

We have the pictures of the finding and preparation in field, we have the GPS 
data and the inform to the authorities saying exactly what we've found.
Actually, we've found the entire fossiliferous locality in 1999, and worked 
there in 2000 and 2007 (when the owner of the field allowed us to enter).

We still don't know who has been asked to study the material. Perhaps this 
person don't even know that the material was found by a different team and 
collected in a very dirty business.
That's why I'm informing it here. To let you know. 
Anyway, since these guys published in the media obviously without authorization 
of the scientists, you can see they don't care about science or ethics. They 
only care m
Dr. Sebastián Apesteguía
Fundación de Historia Natural 'Félix de Azara' - 
CEBBAD (CONICET) - Universidad Maimónides. Virasoro 732,
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
Tel-fax: 5411-49051100 ext. 1228, 
sebapesteguia@gmail.com, www.fundacionazara.org.ar