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Fwd: Re: Quake and shake on eastern seaboard

Rescued from truncation.

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Betreff:     Re: Quake and shake on eastern seaboard
Datum:     Tue, 23 Aug 2011 22:04:11 -0700
Von:     David Krentz <ddkrentz@charter.net>
Antwort an:     ddkrentz@charter.net
An:     bobtess@dinoart.com
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On Aug 23, 2011, at 11:49 AM, Bob Tess wrote:
 Yes, West Coasters will think we are wimps but it shook our studio =

 This West Coaster will not think anyone is a wimp.  I went through the =
94 Northridge quake in LA.  I woke up in mid-air screaming, and =
instantly thought the Devil was quite literaly in my room.  Everything I =
owned was thrown into the air and slammed into the ground every second =
for what seemed an eternity.  All my windows blew out, my apartment was =
red-tagged and deemed unsafe to enter and I had to live outsided for a =
few days on a hillside before various people offered their charity.  I =
heard the freeway fall a few miles away, saw the dust in the hills creep =
towards us ( over and over for days) as the aftershocks turned Southern =
CA into a dusty blanket being shaken out. =20
  For Months myself and future wife lived in paralyzing fear and made =
plans to move back to safe flat Manitoba.  My inner ear was so out of =
whack I could not enter a small space without feeling like it was =
shaking for a month.  My brother went through Kobe and experienced the =
same irrational fears to a tee.  My wife has since developed a fear of =
heights and our daredevil natures ENDED as we saw very clearly how =
fragile life is.
  I needed to get away and drove into the mountains.  I saw a bunch of =
geology students studying what the earth had just disgorged as I drove =
by.  Looking at the mountains I had a bizarre experience where I felt =
humble/scared and absolutely inspired by the power of nature and was =
happy to have been part of her great experiment.  I was very very very =
in AWE of the planet I lived on.

  You will notice a sudden interest in geology and plate tectonics.  =
Just wait. =20

  I'm glad you are all safe.  You now have boring stories like this to =
tell those who have not felt an earthquake!