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Re: Quake and shake on the eastern seaboard

Mike B. at the Smithsonian tells me that the press has not yet been 
informed, but ye old Diplodocus (but not longus) skeleton in the hall collapsed 
like the Bronto skeleton at the end of Bringing Up Baby, and the hanging 
balcony fell and did in the exhibits at that end of the display area. Ha, just 

In a message dated 8/24/11 5:41:35 AM, BRETTSUR@si.edu writes:

<< Some minor amounts of plaster came down - not enough to fill a small 
bucket. One eurypterid was damaged slightly but all else seems fine. The 
dinosaur hall will be closed for structural assessment because of the "hanging 
balcony". All employees are back at work - no one was injured.  >>