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Saichania redescribed

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Carpenter, K.; Hayashi, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Maryañska, T.; 
Barsbold, R.; Sato, K.; Obata, I.  (2011)
Saichania chulsanensis (Ornithischia, Ankylosauridae) 
from the Upper Cretaceous of Mongolia 
Palaeontographica Abteilung A Band 294 Lieferung 1-3 
(2011): 1 - 61


A new specimen of the ankylosaurid dinosaur Saichania 
chulsanensis from the Barun Goyot Formation at Khulsan in 
southern Mongolia is used to redescribe the taxon. The 
2.8 m long skeleton was found articulated, with much of 
the body armor preserved in situ. The pelvis, hind limbs 
and tail are described for the first time. Biomechanical 
analysis suggests the tail club could generate around 
13631 N (1390 kgf ). Comparisons with other ankylosaurids 
show that Saichania is closely related to the Asian 
ankylosaurines Tarchia, Tianzhenosaurus and