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Re: Do we have dromaeosaurid evolution backward?

Tim Williams: No problem :-) It was a notion I developed in my teens
after reading for the umpteenth time a DK book on dinosaurs. I'm glad
my intervention produced such an interesting discussion.

However I'd like to know if my notions on cladistic tests aren't too
far off the mark. I mean, the bit where I consider them similar to
statistical tests for hypotheses in other areas of science.

Jaime, so my taking a page off modern bird wings when reconstructing
deinonychosaurs isn't _that_ far fetched? I mean, when reproducing the
relatively gentle cross-sectional curve of the forearm feathers. This
curvature, come to think of it, could come about as a necessary
adaptation to make room for the hand feathers when folding the "wing".

Renato Santos