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Re: Mesozoic roots of parrots and passerine birds

This paper also propose the split between falcons and hawks:

A Phylogenomic Study of Birds Reveals Their Evolutionary History
Shannon J. Hackett, et al. Science 320, 1763 (2008); DOI:

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2011/8/25 David Černý <david.cerny1@gmail.com>
> Tim Williams <tijawi@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hmmm.... does anyone truly believe that falcons are more closely
> > related to parrots and songbirds than to buzzards and hawks?
> It's about as hard to believe as grebes being more closely related to
> flamingos than to loons :o) Besides, the close relationship between
> falconids and accipitrids had been questioned long before Ericson et
> al. (2006) discovered the parrot-passerine link. Olson (1985), for
> example, deconstructed Falconiformes as a whole: he excluded not only
> falconids, but cathartids and _Pandion_ as well.
> > Don't worry, Eufalconimorphae won't ever appear again.  Like Pegasoferae.
> I hope it will! It's not a terribly elegant name, but at least it is
> useful. It is also nice to see Mayr's names (Aequornithes and
> Picocoraciae) so quickly adopted by Suh et al. (2011). So far there
> have been many names for (probably) nonexistent "supraordinal" clades
> and none for well-supported ones; that's starting to change now.
> References:
> Ericson PGP, Anderson CL, Britton T, Elżanowski A, Johansson US,
> Källersjö M, Ohlson JI, Parsons TJ, Zuccon D, Mayr G 2006
> Diversification of Neoaves: Integration of molecular sequence data and
> fossils. Biol Lett 2(4): 543-7
> Olson SL 1985 The fossil record of birds. 79-238 in Farner DS, King
> JR, Parkes KC, eds. _Avian biology_, Vol. 8. New York: Acad Press
> Suh A, Paus M, Kiefmann M, Churakov G, Franke FA, Brosius J, Kriegs
> JO, Schmitz J 2011 Mesozoic retroposons reveal parrots as the closest
> living relatives of passerine birds. Nature Comms
> doi:10.1038/ncomms1448
> --
> David Černý