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RE: Dilophosaurus

1. *Averostra* is linguistically inaccurate; "Avirostra" is correct, as the 
stem of _aves_ is not _ave-_ but _avi-_.

2. If we were just around making words that "look" good, then we'd hardly 
bother with language, would we? We'd just make up pretty words and say they 
mean stuff. Otherwise, "averostra" starts sounding like "ancestral snout," not 
the equally inaccurate "bird snout."

3. And speaking of, the term "bird snout" is really, really inaccurate under 
virtually ANYONE'S concept of bird (well, I guess not people who think "bird" 
means the stem of the total/crown). *Dilophosaurus* doesn't look like at has 
anything similar to a bird's snout that, say *Archosaurus,* especially when 
birds _don't_ have those accessory pneumatic openings that are being referred 
to here.


  Jaime A. Headden
  The Bite Stuff (site v2)

"Innocent, unbiased observation is a myth." --- P.B. Medawar (1969)

"Ever since man first left his cave and met a stranger with a
different language and a new way of looking at things, the human race
has had a dream: to kill him, so we don't have to learn his language or
his new way of looking at things." --- Zapp Brannigan (Beast With a Billion 

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