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Re: Dilophosaurus

 1. *Averostra* is linguistically inaccurate; "Avirostra" is correct,
 as the stem of _aves_ is not _ave-_ but _avi-_.

Actually, no. _Avis_ belongs to the mixed declension, which means it belongs to the consonantic declension in the singular and the _i_ declension in the plural. The stem is _av-_ in the singular and _avi-_ in the plural. Therefore, the accusative and ablative singular are _avem_ and _ave_ (rather than _-im_ and _-i_ as in the _i_ declension), but the genetive plural is _avium_ (rather than "avum" as it would be in the consonantic declension).

 Otherwise, "averostra" starts sounding like "ancestral snout,"

Now I'm really just nitpicking, but that's not the case either. The stem of _avus_, "grandfather/ancestor", is _avo-_.